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The question that haunts the fandom


The question that haunts the fandom

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slenbee asked:
Ki͢ńg̷ ͜Dark,͜ may̡ ̡I̶ h̢avę ̛th̛ìs̨ da͜nce?

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Danger In Fiction II - Markiplier
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Marks intense part in Danger In Fiction II. 

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  • Fandom: The Eleventh Doctor didn't get called out on his actions! He just got away with whatever he wanted!
  • Show: *has the Doctor get locked up in a box because the universe hates him, and he is equated to a goblin or a trickster, not to mention that a few episodes earlier, he reveals that he hates himself.*
  • Show: *shows that the Doctor is becoming too well known in the universe, ends up having Melody stolen from her parents after he lied to them and feels bad for it and Amy is mad, not to mention that he once again hates himself and acknowledges that he has screwed up companions from Rose to River, not to mention that he has to go back into hiding because he became too well known*
  • Show: *shows that the Doctor is trying to erase himself from the universe data banks, not to mention that Amy has to call him out when he contemplates shooting Kahler-Jax, not to mention that Amy eventually had to defy Eleven's grown selfishness and left him for her husband, not to mention that one of Clara's echoes had to kick him out of his sulkiness, not to mention that Clara called him out for spying on her as a child, not to mention that Emma Grayling called him out for obsessing over Clara's mystery, not to mention that he called himself "monster" in that story and The Crimson Horror, not to mention that Clara had to save his butt millions of times and how he jumped in after her later to save her because he had come to realize that his misconceptions of her were wrong*
  • Show: *has the Eleventh Doctor and two past incarnations contemplate committing genocide on his whole planet and the innocents on it while Clara is the voice of reason and has to call him out for him and make him save the day by finding another solution*
  • Show: *shows that because Eleven saved Gallifrey, there's always a risk of the war restarting, and that the Church was scared of him, thus causing all of these terrible things to happen, not to mention that he had to stay on the planet for hundreds of years, aging to death on his final regeneration, not to mention that Clara once again had to speak up and get him a new set of regenerations because he wasn't willing to answer the question*
  • Fandom: But he didn't act like Ten!
  • Me: *facepalms to the beat of "I Am the Doctor"*
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"True love is the best thing in the world."
—William Goldman, author of The Princess Bride

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